Right-Wing Populism in America:
Too Close for Comfort

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Exploring the Different Sectors of the US Right

There is much overlap and sectors are not mutually exclusive.
Methodologies range from cautious moderation, to militant activism, to insurgency, to violence.

Right-wing populist, apocalyptic, and conspiracist styles can be found in several sectors.
Forms of oppression—racism, xenophobia, sexism, heterosexism,
antisemitism, Islamophobia, Arabophobia, nativism, ableism, etc.—vary in each sector.

Sectors of the Right arranged as a list

Mapping the Different Sectors of the Right
(Explanatory Text from the book)

What is the Hard Right? <<<

What is the Hard Right?

The Hard Right takes an inflexible approach to politics and rejects pluralist discourse in principle or in practice. Hard rightists may be either elitist or mass activist in their organizing, and may include both ultraconservatives and far rightists.

The sectors listed under the group heading "Hard Right" do not include what we call
Religious Conservatism

Religious Right

"Conservative Right"
Above this Line
"Hard Right
Below This Line


Xenophobic Right




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Human Rights in North America

The Book that Predicted the Tea Party Movement & Donald Trump

Based on the book
Right-Wing Populism in America:
Too Close for Comfort

by Chip Berlet and
Matthew N. Lyons
New York, Guilford Press, 2000

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Summary: What this Book is About

Overview: Key Characteristics of Right-Wing Populism

Roots of Populism in the US

Table of Contents | List of Chapters

Bibliography from the Book

Sectors of the Right in the US (updated)

Praise for the Book (Blurbs)

Critical Reviews of the Book

About the Authors


Additional Resources
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  • Chapter 14 -Battling the "New World Order"
    Patriots and Armed Militias
    (Download PDF at Guilford Press website)
    Explains the roots of the Oregon Standoff in 2016

Producerist White Nationalism | Addendums

Demonization and
| Addendums

Conspiracism | Addendums

  • Elites, Banksters, & Intellectuals
  • Money Manipulation
  • Liberal Treachery
  • Leftist Totalitarian Plots
  • Islamophophobia
  • Antisemitism

Apocalyptic Narratives &
Millennial Visions
| Addendums

  • Christian Nationalism
  • Apocalyptic Aggression

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